Novomeccanica & Fidia

From their attention to the market and a capacity for innovation shared by Novomeccanica and Fidia, a very ambitious project took shape: building an extremely flexible machine tool, able to perform milling and turning operations on various materials, from aluminium to steel, on large scale components and with extremely high precision. To meet the various necessary requirements, Fidia proposed a Gantry machine from the GTF series with a comprehensive configuration, incorporating a large rotary table, that can be used for milling and turning, and an automatic system for changing the spindle. Recently installed, the machine tool has given rise to a new and rewarding

Fidia new factory

Fidia new factory Travelling along the bypass east of Forlì your attention is drawn to the outline of a factory building that differs from the others: a structure with an imposing mass and a precise identity - this is the new Fidia production plant. The project originated from the need to meet the demand for increasing production volumes and to have the necessary space to build large dimension machine tools. A modern, efficient production plant was needed, with the necessary structures and areas for designing and manufacturing the new machine tools and milling systems required by the market. The new plant was constructed incorporating

Listening to the workshop

Listening to the workshop Since its foundation in 1974, Fidia has brought innovation into the world of milling. With its first CNC11 system, Fidia extended the use of numerical control to fields that until then had been the reserve of copying. Thanks to this technology, the machining of moulds, dies and other complex forms has seen significant progress in terms of precision, execution times, reliability and competitiveness. Immediately appreciated in the field of moulds, dies and aeronautical components, Fidia controls soon spread worldwide. Attentive to the requirements and suggestions of its broad Client base, Fidia has over time developed many functions that simplify and
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Fidia & Magna

Magna Steyr reaffirms the excellence of Fidia integrated milling systems As part of the expansion of the Canadian industrial group Magna, that has operated worldwide in the automobile sector for over 60 years, Magna Steyr Italia acquired Avio Model in 2008. The Company, which also has a production plant in Shanghai, China, is an independent partner of major OEM manufacturers for the engineering and manufacture of control systems, such as master cubing tools and gauges, and counts FCA, VW, PSA, Volvo and Suzuki among its clients. The main production facility at La Loggia (Turin) has 23 employees including designers, milling machine operators and test

Fidia and Century Tool

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Achieving Excellence with Fidia and Century Tool

Founded by business partners Gerald Cummings and Jack Allard in 1974 Century Tool started out as a shop with a few manual machines that produced small dies and fixtures in Fenton, Michigan, USA. It just so happens, FIDIA was born the same year. With the help from workers Mike and Kevin Cummings, Century Tool started to work actively in all stages of manufacturing. ‘Hands on Management’ is a hallmark of their business ethic. Through the years, the company has developed into one of the biggest Compression Mold Builders in the country. Century Tool performs everything as a one stop shop: from the complete tooling design, machining, assembly and try-out, working for customers such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mercury Marine, Kenworth. We’ve interviewed Mickey Gukian, Production manager engaged with the company since 1985, asking him to tell us about the positive and long lasting collaboration with Fidia.