Our Company

Fidia S.p.A. was founded in 1974 by two young engineers graduated at Politecnico in Turin and interested in minicalculators for industrial applications in automation, an important innovation in those years. For more than twenty years Fidia has been designing and producing Numerical Controls for the management of sophisticated machine tools for mould machining. In the following years it has increasingly expanded its market worldwide by opening subsidiaries in the most important countries. In the early nineties Fidia expanded its activity by developing the first high speed milling machines. Up to now 2/3 of Fidia’s turnover come from this business line. In nearly forty years of activity Fidia has never abandoned its strong vocation for innovation in all its technologic fields: software, electronics and mechanics. In fact, the investments in research and development are never below 10% of its turnover. In the wide range of companies manufacturing machine tools, Fidia is one of the few that can provide all the on-board electronics and the process software. Up to now Fidia operates in two leading sectors, automotive and aerospace, and provides high quality and customisable machines and equipments that can fulfil the most sophisticated needs in precision and productivity. The considerable investment in an important subsidiaries' system, whose aim is to give the customers an effective and prompt after-sales service, allows to gain the confidence of a wide range of important customers both in aerospace and automotive sector.

Since year 2001 Fidia is listed in the Milan stock exchange.