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New functions available on Fidia CNC with Software version


Software version V5r5.0 is now available on the full range of Fidia controls. It includes several new functions and improvements of already existing functions.

Valmold Services

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The versatility of Fidia’s milling systems. Contagious energy!

From the grape-growing hills of Burgundy, you reach the industrial district of Crissey, near Chalon sur Saône, where there is one of the most innovative companies on the mould technology panorama, Valmold Services. During our visit to look at the creation of a new 3 and 5 axes milling concept, with mechanical operations including boring, threading and tapping in integrated machining processes, we met Franck Verhaeghe, head of the company since 2007, and asked him about his new approach to milling complex forms.