C40 Vision

Fidia C40 Vision™ is the most powerful numerical control for advanced CNC high speed multi axis milling applications, especially requested for aerospace and automotive industry. The new C40 Vision™ hardware and software components have the highestlevel milling performance and accuracy in mould & dies, models, and aerospace component parts.
The multi-processor architecture managing user-interface, axis and tool path control, ViMill® real time anti-collision software all work together with the new milling path control feature Velocity Five, allowing the fastest machining speed and best quality surface. The innovative ViMill® software and C40 Vision concept grants the safest milling conditions that are required on very complex parts machining. The software prevents any collision between tool, machine and the workpiece in real time, during milling operations, and in both Jog mode and part program execution mode.

Fidia XPower™ full digital drives are state of the art for axes control technology. A wide range of power modules allows to drive the most advanced motors used on machine tools: brushless, linear and torque motors, synchronous and asynchronous electrospindles. Fidia develops and manufactures the complete package of machine tools electronics, assuring performance, functionalities, and an efficient worldwide service. Fidia expertise and competences represent the added value integrated in the supply, ensuring the investment’s validity in time.

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Features numerical control

Fidia C40 Vision™ performs all different kind of machining in the most effective way, thanks to the wide range of available functions. The machine tool operators, as well as the CAM engineers, can easily assess the best approach to each machining functions, supported by a complete set of CNC features that allow the best flexibility and efficiency under any condition.

  • Velocity Five™: a totally new developed multi-axis trajectory control technology with dynamic selectable set of roughing and finishing parameters (DYNA) allow for executing the fastest and most accurate high quality surface parts.
  • RTCP: Interpolated 5 axes machining with bi-rotary heads, roto-tilting tables and the combination of heads and tables. RTCP function and relevant parameters allow for smooth managing any type of continuous and indexed heads and tables.
  • ViMill®: ViMill® software guarantees a very high standard of safe machining by checking any possible dangerous collision situation on real time lookahead mode. The ViMill® graphic simulation software will detect a future collision situation and a prompt Feed Hold will avoid any possible damage by stopping any further axis movements before the collision danger
  • Machining from CAM: Fidia CNC is easily connectable to local networks for file and program sharing, which can even be uploaded via USB. Part programs execution is simplified through a friendly and shop floor oriented user-interface.
  • On-board 2½D easy programming: ISOGRAPH™ CAD/CAM, integrated in the CNC software, provides a wide range of 2½D toolpath programming functions. Specific easy to use cycles have been implemented for a broad range of basic machining: face milling, drilling, pocket machining.

Furthermore, several options are available for workpiece and tool measurement, volumetric compensation, monitoring external data, adaptive control and teleservice among others.

Forefront technology and equipment

Parameters and procedures

CAM programs are usually checked by the CAM departments. However, CAM may need to reprocess the milling program if there is a change of machine tool with axis exchange, different clearance position, new origins, or scaling needs. With the Fidia CNC procedures, most modifications can be executed by the operator through specific parameters and functions, without changing the part programs themselves. Procedures can be used for the creation of macros inside programs or for automatizing the sequence execution of files, resulting in maximum efficiency.

On line help / Log file

All functions available on the numerical control, whether standard or optional, can be rapidly consulted by means of the on line Help. The log file records all events (messages, commands, etc.) sequentially to facilitate diagnostics, including remote diagnostics via Teleservice.

Fidia CNC has been appreciated over the years for the high top-level performance as well as for the completeness of the proposed equipment. C40 Vision™ CNC is equipped with the most advanced performing hardware & software solutions available within industrial applications. The independent multi-processor architecture grants maximum process efficiency and speed. This assists in execution of any heavy programming or visualization task without jeopardizing the ongoing machining process.


The graphics environment is intuitive and easy to use, while the set up of operations on the numerical control is further facilitated. Switching between different operating environments (CNC, ISOGRAPH™, ViMill®) allows the user to perform simultaneous tasks with complete safety.

Operator functions

When an unexpected process interruption occurs, in any kind of 3 or 5 axes machining, even with continuous or indexed heads, C40 Vision offers specific functions for a quick and effective return to job:

  • Automatic repositioning of the tool over the workpiece, in 3 and 5 axes, after a manual retract function;
  • Tool translation along its axis during machining by means of the electronic handwheel (virtual RAM);
  • Fast and flexible cycle restart with optional graphic re-execution and axisby-axis repositioning.
Extended tool table

The extended tool table allows defining up to 10000 tools identifiable with a 16 alphanumeric characters to be recalled by part program. The table can be customized including PLC managed fields and can be exported in standard Windows® formats. The display of the table can be customized as well, selecting columns and defining rows sorting criteria. Tool table editing may be done either on the machine tool or externally. It can be transferred to the CNC via local network or USB from a Customer database or a tool identification system.

Workpiece alignment

Fidia’s Graphic workpiece alignment pages and functions support the operator in complex workpiece alignment operations by activating the proper rotations. Alignment cycles can be performed using digital probes or by the tool. In this case, points have to be acquired manually. Several cycles are foreseen, referred to the geometrical elements available on the workpiece: planes, holes, pins. On machine tools equipped with bi-rotary heads, rotations may be applied on rotary axes as well, so that, even in 5 axes paths, the tool keeps the proper orientation with respect to the workpiece.

Specifications C40 Vision

The FIDIA Integrated System

The design with two separate processors allows the interface operator and the central unit to deliver high milling performance in terms of quality and speed. In order to get the maximum performance, the power of the central unit based on Intel Core i3 processor is with Fidia XPower™ digital drives.

Machining speed and accuracy of sculptured surfaces are the most known and appreciated features of Fidia CNC Numerical Controls. Years of rigorous and close collaboration with top End Users and Machine Tools Builder has allowed Fidia to be on the leading edge in CNC’s technology of complex surface milling. Fidia C40 Vision™ utilize the state of the art microprocessors and graphic processing microchips for ensuring the best result in both high speed machining and on real time graphic simulation anti collision software:

  • The Mother Board on the CNC real time rack use Intel Core i3 processor for all the mathematical functions related to axis movements computation and machine PLC and Cycles functions
  • The Mother Board on the CNC Front End use Intel Core i7 multi-core processor with Windows® 7 - 64 bit Ultimate for the Operator User Interface and ViMill® real time anti-collision software. The i7 processor allows for large additional computing power and memory to host specific customer software.
Technical dataC40 Vision
Real time rack processorIntel Core i3
User processorIntel Core i7
Interface Portsserial/parallel port - Ethernet - USB port
Graphic BoardN-Vidia quadro K600
User Operative SystemWindows® 10 - 64 bit
Monitor19” TFT Touch Screen

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