M5A milling head is built around a cast iron structure meant to deliver stiffness and thermal stability during demanding operations on steel as well as alluminum.

It is a continuous bi-rotary head ideal to perform the complete machining cycle, from roughing to finishing, where higher torque and power are required in HSC applications. Its compact structure allows easy tool access to the narrower areas of the parts.

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Technical specifications

A axis travel+95º ÷ -110º
C axis travelC = ± 360º
Max. speed milling spindle24000 1/min
or (20000 1/min)*
20000 1/min15000 1/min
or(12000 1/min)*
12000 1/min
Max. power55 kW55 kW65 kW65 kW
Max.torque88 Nm124 Nm

* with grease lubrification