KR211 KR214

Machining of large dies and extra-dimensioned components are carried out efficiently by the KR configurations. The use of the 6th axis as rotary workpiece table guarantees max accessibility from all sides. Head and table combined rotations are automatically handled by the NC by rotating the system coordinates.
In just one placement it is possible to operate on a such working area that is usually offered only by bigger gantry machines.


Features and layout KR211 KR214

Linear axis travel
X (*)2700 mm
Y (*)1100 mm
Z1000 mm1400 mm
Linear axis speedXYZ
50 m/min (1968 ipm)40 m/min (1575 ipm)30 m/min (1181 ipm)
Positioning accuracy
X Y Z± 0,006 ± 0,005 ± 0,004 mm
Work-piece table: U axis
Dimensions2000 x 2000 mm (78.7” x 78.7”)
T-Slots28 mm pitch 200 mm (8”)
Loading capacity12000 kg (26400 lbs)
Clamping torque35000 Nm
Driving torque21000 Nm
Tool magazine
No of positions42 - 84
38000 kg (83774 lbs)38500 kg (84877 lbs)

(*) +150 mm rotating the C axis with vertical spindle

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