Milling System 2-K2010/M

FIDIA’s experience as the sole supplier of an overall solution has made possible this particular configuration: two standard systems, with a shared cast iron table, doubling productivity with respect to other gantry systems having a similar work volume.
This Boxer configuration lends itself to optimum integration with FMS.
Each K2010 module draws on the features and basic structure of the K Range.

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Features and layout

Milling machine 2-K2010_M layout 02

Milling machine 2-K2010_M layout 03

Milling machine 2-K2010_M layout 04

Linear axis travelXYZ
(mm)2000 (79”)*1000 (39”)*600-850 (23”-33”)
Linear axis speed
(m/min)24 (945 ipm)
Positioning accuracy
mm± 0,005 (± 0,002")
Work-piece table
Dimensions2000 x 1000 mm (79" x 39")
T-Slotsn° 7 - passo 250 mm (10")
Loading capacity7000 kg/m2
Tool magazine
No of positions24 - 42

* +150 mm (6") rotating the C axis with vertical spindle.

Milling head assembled on 2-K2010

M5A55 Milling head

The M5A/55 continuous bi-rotary head is ideal for medium-size or large milling machines that perform the complete machining cycle, from roughing out to finishing, where higher torque and power are required in HSC applications.

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