Flexible Manufacturing System

The new FMS system designed by Fidia is equipped with a sophisticated software that optimizes and exalts its operative characteristics. This system is the Fidia answer to the more and more pressing request of increasing the workshop automation level, and integrates a powerful and versatile pallet system shared between more than one G996 machine. The FMS platform serves independent working islands of minimum 2 machines each, and allows for the complete machining of complex components in 3 or 5 axes, starting from the rough part.
This system is the ideal solution for a highly developed workshop environment, requiring the best standards of automation levels

The powerful dedicated software automatically manages and optimizes the production flow without intervention of the machine operator. Such a way of functioning pursues the following goals:

  • reduction of waiting times;
  • simplification of programming;
  • optimization of tool wear-out;
  • full monitoring of production flow;
  • reduction of human error risks;
  • never-ending 7/7 & 24/24 production.

Each machine can be also used in a standalone way, nonetheless granting the normal functioning of the FMS system with the other machines.

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