The BHE Bridge type machines are designed for use in general machining and tooling, but also for the aviation industry. The structures, extremely rigid, allow both the use of heads with very high torque and 3 axis high speed milling technology.

The accuracy and the dynamics of the machine guarantees excellent results in conventional machining but also in high-performance machining. High performance and efficiency are characteristics of this machine line, aimed at customers looking for reliable and durable technology

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Features and technical specifications

Configurable Z axis Trave

Z vertical axis may have travels with 700/900/1100/1300 mm with a RAM structure measuring 380x380mm or 420x420mm.

Large capacity & easy access
  • Tables from 2x1.7m to 6x3.1m, with a load capacity from 8,000 kg to 28000 kg.
  • X from 2200 to 6200 mm stroke
  • Y travels from 1700 to 3600 mm
  • Opening the front door allows easy access for loading and unloading of parts.
Automatic Tool Change

Automatic Tool changer up to 180 positions.

Wide range of Spindles and milling heads
  • 3 axis spindle from 6000rpm to 15000 rpm
  • Universal heads with BT#50 or ISO50 3500 rpm.
Axis speedXYZ
Up to 15 m/min (590 ipm)
Linear axis travelXYZ
2200 ÷ 6200 mm 86.6”÷ 244”1700 ÷ 3600 mm 66.9”÷ 141.7”700 ÷ 1300 mm 27.5”÷ 51.1”
Milling spindlesspeed (rpm)Power/torque
6.000 (opc 15.000)25 kW
956 Nm
ZF 1:4 gear box
(opc BT#50 HSK100A)

BHE machines are manufactured entirely in cast iron parts: base, columns, traverse and RAM (Z axis) of size 380x380mm, are designed with FEM system.

X axis with 4 linear guides (models with Y > 1700mm)
4 linear guides are mounted in the machine bed to grant excellent dynamics and max payload on the table:

  • 2 Roller guidesa
  • 2 Linear guides

Y axis with the exclusive solution of 3 roller guides
The movement of the Y drive is accomplished through 3 linear roller guides to ensure maximum rigidity and accuracy even in movements at high speed:

  • 2 Roller guides mounted on the top of the traverse
  • 1 Roller guide mounted on the front of the traverse

RAM Box-type
RAM designed with Box-type technology and made of special casting with dimensions 380x380mm, for Z axis travel 700 and 900mm. The axis movement is supported by 4 Box ways treated with anti-friction “ROLON” material and 8 points of contact.

To increase stiffness in models with Z 1100mm and 1300 mm Z travel, RAM has dimension 420x420mm. For higher dynamics 4 linear roller guides can be installed optionally.

Digital drives & Linear scales
For maximum precision and to avoid problems due to thermal expansion, on all axes are mounted digital pressurized scales. The Fidia digital drives technology and the use of high resolution optical scales allow to optimize the machine tool dynamics and to achieve the maximum machining resolution and accuracy, even in high speed.

Spindle designed to meet all the machining requirements
As standard a compact and robust system with direct coupling and 1:4 ZF box to avoid gaps, noise and thermal deformation is provided:
6000 rpm BT # 50/ISO50 with motor 17/25kW 162/239 Nm and ZF 1:4 gear with 956 Nm of maximum torque.
“Long nose” design to allows greater penetration into the cavities.
The whole line of spindles are oil cooled.

Optionals Spindles:

  • 6000 rpm BT#50/ISO50 - 28/43kW (S1/S6) - 134/205Nm (S1/S6) + ZF 2K250 1:5.5 Max Torque 1129 Nm (S6)
  • 6000 rpm Built-in BT#50/ISO50 63.5kW 1243 Nm (S1)
  • 8000 rpm Built-in BT#50/ISO50 36kW 340 Nm (S1)
  • 15000 rpm Built-in HSK-A100 20kW 290 Nm (S1)

Several options of heads with hydraulic tool clamping are available as optionals.

Indexed universal manual head

3500 rpm 17/25kW 648/956 Nm BT#50/ISO50 The head can be manually removed and thus allowing the use of the vertical spindle with maximum speed (6,000 rpm). This feature is available with 6000 standard spindle only.

Automatic indexed Universal Head VH 1

  • 3500 rpm 17/25kW 648/956 Nm BT#50/ISO50
  • B pitch 1°/360 positions
  • C pitch 1°/360 positions

Automatic indexed Universal Head VH 2.5

  • 3500 rpm 17/25kW 648/956 Nm BT#50/ISO50
  • B pitch 2.5°/144 positions
  • C pitch 2.5°/144 positions

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